Panda Handpans

most affordable, high quality handpans on the market

Panda Handpans

The first Handpan was created in the year 2000 and was called Hang by PANArt in Switzerland. Shortly other Instruments made in inspiration of the original „Hang Drum“ accrued. They were mostly called Handpan or Pantam. Handpanda is our attempt to bring you high quality Hang Drums to an affordable price. We love all our instruments and play with them in creative videos with piano, loop device, drums and others.
It is not just a Handpan, it is a Handpanda!

Our Instruments

We sell instruments in D minor scale and also offer customized Handpans in your favorite scales. Each instrument is unique, high quality and handmade. We optimized the production workflow for the D minor scale, that’s why we are able to offer them for a comparably low price without quality losses. Our manufacturers are top-notch and know their craftsmanship very well. Everything is approved and also played by the Handpanda!

Handpanda Videos

The Handpanda has a Youtube Channel. Check it out!
He is always experimenting on new ways to make music with his instruments. Combined with drums, piano or loop and effect devices he is creating new sounds. In this video he’s mixing the Panda Handpan with delay effects and an electric guitar.