About Handpanda.com

When the Handpanda first listened and felt a handpan, he was immediately drawn to this beautiful instrument. Of course he wished to own one but that turned out to be very difficult at first. At that time there was only one manufacturer and the price was shocking – not to mention the long waiting times of up to a year.

So he started building his own handpans…
…Many hours and prototypes later, he now wants to offer high quality handpans at affordable prices. His vision is to make this special mystical instrument more public.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Handpanda instruments are constructed with love and passion for the highest professional quality possible. We focus on stability and precision as we want each Panda Handpan to last many lifetimes. We have safely shipped many instruments around the world.
Our handpans are not only musical instruments, they have a power within them which can touch people deeply and also provide relaxation and internal healing in the mind of people.
We search like our customers for creative expression. Each Handpanda instrument is a musical pencil awaiting it’s owner to write musical poetry for our minds.

Our headquarter is located in Switzerland and we also have production partners with high quality standards in south east asia.