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Sew Handpan is based in Italy and offers a few different types of handpans.
Their Maestro series is an entry level handpan for those looking for good quality with a lower budget. Their Opera series is made from stainless steel and has a longer sustain and higher quality.

Sew Handpan: Bio
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Sew Maestro

This is the entry level Handpan.
If you are an enthusiast Handpan lover, this is the series for you! These handpans still have the same architecture and design as our other series but at a more affordable price.
Balanced timbre, exceptional tuning stability, sensitivity and strength note, rust resistance.
If you are a beginner, this choice is a great quality for the price.

8 notes: 1250€
9 notes: 1350€

Worldwide shipping available. Ships from Italy in 2-4 weeks.

Purchase includes:
Sew Maestro Handpan
Hardcase Technologies Evatek case
Maintenance cream
2 year warranty

Sew Handpan: Video
Sew Handpan: Pro Gallery
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