How much do your handpans cost?

We try too keep the price as low as possible for our customers. Keep in mind that every handpan is a unique piece of art which takes alot of time and effort to create. We sell our standard D minor handpans for 1200$, and offer custom scales for 2000$

How can i get your handpans?

We don’t have any waiting list. If you want to buy a handpan, check the availability in our shop and buy it.

Are your handpans available in any retail store?

We only sell our handpans in our online shop (www.handpanda.com)

What comes with your handpan?

The handpan comes with a protection bag.


How long does it take to recieve the Handpan?

It depends on the difficulty of the scale and on how much pending orders we have. Our manufacturers have alot of experience and know their craftsmanship very well. They will not rush, because we only deliver high quality instruments. D Minor scale normaly takes between 14 days and 2 months to arrive, custom scales 2-3 months.

How is the Handpan shipped?

The handpan package provides a very good protection. Depending on the country we ship with the following postal serivice providers: DHL, EMS.

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Handpan Care

How does temperature affect the handpan?

Average variations in temperature have little effect on the long term tuning stability of the handpan. In general, they should not however be left for a prolonged period in vehicles in the hot sun. In direct sunlight, the tuning may shift minimally but will return to it’s correct position when allowed to cool off. Cooler temperatures typically have little effect.

What is the best way to store a handpan when not in use?

We strongly recommend you do not to leave it at home in its bag or case. Your handpan needs to breathe. If you leave it in its bag or case, it will create condensation.

Will the scratch or hammer mark that i found on my handpan affect the sound?

You may find irregularities in the finish, including scratches or small blemishes formed by a hammer. They will not affect the sound. Each handpan is a unique, hand-made instrument.

How should the handpan be cleaned?

Always keep your handpan properly coated in oil. We recommend froglube. You need to treat your handpan on a regulary basis, to prevent rust. If something is spilled on your Handpan and it needs to be cleaned, use only Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This is available at any pharmacy or grocery store.

General Questions

What is a Handpan?

The Handpan was originally called ‘Hang’ or ‘Hang Drum’. It is a convex shaped steelpan instrument with the sounds similar to traditional caribbean steel drums. The instrument is easy and intuitive to play and has gained worldwide popularity specially because of its gorgeous sound, its ufo like shape.

Where does Handpans come from?

Handpans were invented by Felix Rohner in Bern, Switzerland

What is the most popular scale?

The D Minor scale is mysterious, meditative, and compelling, this is one of the most popular handpan scales. The reason for it’s popularity is, that it is easy to play together with other instruments. This scale plays well together with F major or G dorian. It’s also a good scale for solo playing. We just love this scale.