Scale Types

We offer custom handpans with one of the largest scale lists for an affordable price. And we also have our budget friendly editions – the D minor handpan. For the best internal resonance of each scale, the handpans are built in the diameter 21″.

How to choose a Handpan Scale

The D Minor scale is mysterious, meditative, and compelling, this is one of the most popular handpan scales. The reason for it’s popularity is, that it is easy to play together with other instruments. This scale plays well together with F major or G dorian. It’s also a good scale for solo playing. We just love this scale.

Our best advice we can give for purchasing a handpan is choosing one which best fits your ear. That means you shouldn’t necessarily be choosing your handpan based on its scale or price, but rather you should purchase one which sounds most appealing to you in videos or on our Virtual Handpan.